For the first time in a Yume Nikki fan-game, while dreaming you can explore certain worlds with some dream world friends.

There is only three of them so far, but they can all be found in the same place.

However, whether they can actually help you in any way is unknown; but interacting with them in their home world, the Blue Maze world; can transport you to a new world which may contain a new accessory or item.


IrotsukiandSilver Menu

Irotsuki and Borotsuki ( The 'Silver' in the filename for this pic was an in-joke)

A red-haired girl who wears a blue sweater and a turquoise/ sea green skirt.


A blue-haired girl who wears a navy blue dress, she appears to only have one arm; the other being just a stump.

IrotsukiandFuuka Menu

Irotsuki and Utsutsuki